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Special Projects Producer & Multimedia Journalist Reel

Examples of shooting, writing and editing special projects. Stories were part of an "active anchor" initiative to bring news anchors out of from behind the news desk and into the field. 

Where the Jobs Are

November 2015

Rhode Island still has the highest jobless rate in New England. However, there are actually a lot of open jobs in the Ocean State --many that don't require advanced degrees. Now, we're getting a first hand look at one booming industry and what's being done to fill the job openings.

The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez

November 2013

Once a red hot pro-athlete, now an accused murderer. Now, we take you to Aaron Hernandez’s hometown, tracking down friends, family and former teammates as we try to figure out how his bright future was sidetracked  by the alleged murder of Odin Lloyd.

Sex Trafficking Survival

November 2014

It’s a side of the sex trade we rarely see. A woman, lured into the world of commercial sexual exploitation as a teenager, now shares her story in the hope that it will help others.

Below the Surface

July 2014

They’re popular swimming spots, but all too often a quick cool down in a  quarry can turn deadly. It’s a nightmarish scenario for rescue crews  sent to recover victims. We got exclusive access with the Rhode Island  state police dive team at a local quarry to show you what is actually below the surface and why police are urging everyone to stay away.

Ticket to Ride

May 2015 

So just who would be willing to say goodbye to Earth for good? As it  turns out, there are several volunteers willing to train as astronauts  for a one-way trip to Mars --with no coming back. We caught up with two New Englanders hoping to colonize the Red Planet.

Tracking Terror

May 2015 

It's something the FBI director calls a potential threat in  everyone's backyard --homegrown, violent extremism. Now, we sit down with both the FBI and Rhode Island State Police to find out how the two  are working together to fight terrorism and detect threats in every  community.

Exposing a Driving Danger

April 2015 

By Rhode Island law you're required to change lanes --or at least  slow down--when you see state police, a tow truck or Department of  Transportation vehicle pulled over with their lights on. However, that's not happening all that often. We've found hundreds of drivers are  speeding pass these emergency vehicles violating the Move Over law.

War Gear

November 2014

It’s an issue that’s gained national attention in the wake of the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Now, we’re learning how much surplus military equipment is in Rhode Island. We dug through data from the federal  government to uncover which police departments have it and how they’re using it.