Obama Effigy Found in Central Falls School

Central  Falls teachers hit the national spotlight after President Obama  supported firing the entire staff. Now, many are wondering if that’s  connected to an unflattering image of Obama at the school. Allison Gaito filed this report for ABC News Radio.

Fired Central Falls Teachers

The  teachers at Central Falls High School strike a deal to get their jobs  back after a mass firing at one of Rhode Island’s worst performing schools. WPRO’s Allison Gaito filed this report for ABC News Radio.

Unemployment Surge, Rhody Strip Club Holds Job Fair

A Providence strip club is set to hire 30 new employees despite the skimpy job market and record state unemployment. WPRO's Allison Gaito reports from the Foxy Lady.

Harlem’s Queen of Fried Chicken

People in search of Harlem’s best soul food often look no further than the  well-established names — Jacob’s, Amy Ruth’s or the neighborhood’s most  famous institution, Sylvia’s. But those in the know bypass the  obvious joints for an unlisted West Harlem brownstone.